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2019: Fennix advanced our technology and proved demand integrating with each parking segment: government, private, tollway, garage, airport, downtown. 
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Vancouver’s EasyPark authority.  LPR & controller for access and revenue control.

Fennix has done what most others have not; delivered on a promise.  Fennix was able to provide a powerful, extremely accurate and easily customizable solution to help EasyPark with our most difficult installationsNigel Bullers - CEO EasyPark.

Media giant Corus - LPR for secure access at the first of many sites across Canada.


Chicago Skyway’s RFID and LPR software lead to loss of revenue, billing errors and dissatisfied commuters. Fennix delivered LPR, a custom payment platform plus integration with 22 lanes of existing cameras.

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Park’N Fly Canada has committed to integrate Fennix’s solutions and FMC with a legacy PARCS at 13 off-airport sites from Vancouver to Halifax.  Fennix Access Control is completed across the country.

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LAZ Parking – Mobil enforcement platform for private garage in Washington, DC area.